Airports and airbases

Thousands of airplane bird strikes occur each year mostly in close proximity to the runways. In 2013, for example, there have been more than 6000 reported cases at airports in the US alone. Furthermore, the statistics show a rough increase of 25% since 2012.

In response to the problem, Volacom has developed the Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS). It creates a “safety tunnel” along the runway, including take-off and landing flight paths. The system is fully automatic and thoroughly compliant with ICAO and airport requirements. Test, performed by an independent entity has confirmed a 95+ % efficiency of the BCAS at an airport environment (automated detection and deterrence).

Volacom offers customised solutions to airports and airbases, adapting the technology (hardware and software) on a case-specific basis in order to assure the cost efficiency, while guaranteeing the highest standards of protection.


Renewable Energy

Rotating wind blades, scorching temperatures at solar plants and shiny mirror surfaces cause bird and bat mortality. Public reactions and strong environmentalist’s objections have cast doubt over the “green” energy production facilities.

BCAS is solving this problem by creating a protective layer over and/or around the property. Furthermore, the system modules are positioned in the most cost – effective way, allowing the facility to work non-stop.





Avian species cause damages to agricultural production. Varying with region, country and crop type, the losses may exceed 65%. For example, on average, birds consume around 20% of the grape harvest. Significant losses are incurred also by fruit plantation owners, grain producers, etc.

Volacom’s mobile BCAS provides flexible and economical solution, allowing producers and service companies to deploy the protection system at a prefered time and location, maximising its application for longer periods.


Industrial sites
and buildings

Avian species can produce significant amounts of waste. In the case of industrial building rooftops, this could lead to deformation, corrosion and drainage malfunction. Traditional measures, including mechanical removal, are costly and often lead to compromising the integrity of the roof cover and structure.

Volacom responds to the effects of the bird habitat by creating a protective “dome” over the rooftops. Our system’s efficiency was recently proven by the collected data from an installed BCAS, which recorded that within 5 months the number of birds decreased by 96%.