A new product has been developed - Ground Mobile System BCAS 8.2

The Ground mobile system BCAS 8.2. is designed for deterrence of birds from certain protected zones (industrial areas, ports, renewable energy plants, agricultural plantations, etc.) The Ground mobile system is also comprised of different optional modules – Volacopter LZ-73 PRO and BDL-1 Handheld laser devices.

The acoustic module provides the active protection – deterrence of birds and flocks from the protected areas.

The Ground mobile system BCAS 8.2 emits very focused and high-pressure acoustic beams exactly to the coordinates of the birds and flocks. The sound beam evokes an Acoustic Startle Reflex – ASR reaction in the avian brain, which diverts the birds from the protected areas, without affecting their wellbeing. In addition, the birds do not habituate to the acoustic signal, which ensures long-term efficiency of the deterrence method.

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