Проект Nr. BG16RFOP002-2.077-1137-C01 е с главна цел осигуряването на оперативен капитал за българските средни предприятия за справяне с последиците от пандемията COVID-19. Общата стойност е 87 120,00 лв., от които 74 052,00 лв. европейско и 13 068,00 лв. национално съфинансиране. Срокът за изпълнение на проекта е 3 месеца с начало 27.01.2021 г. и край 27.04.2021 г.

Together with our partners from Protectis air, Volacom AD will be participating at the Husum Wind Exhibition (10-13 September, 2019), in Husum, Germany. You can visit our stand 2E01, to learn more about our new Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS 8.2.), designed for wind parks. The BCAS system ensures uninterrupted energy production, while protecting the avian species. 

Social responsibility is an integral part of our daily operations. We’ve been delighted to host students from the Robotics High School and show them the real implication of technology and the way to make innovations.

Volacom has completed BCAS training course for our partners from Protectis air GmbH, Germany. Together, we will deliver ultimate Bird control solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During the course, we have discussed the most effective procedures and practices for effective bird control (recommended by ICAO, IBSC, FAA, etc.) and the way BCAS, Volacopter LZ 73 PRO, BDL-1P could be integrated into a comprehensive bird and wildlife management at the airports, industrial buildings, sea ports and many more.

Volacom is happy to be part of the success of the biggest retail store in Bulgaria, but not only. Kaufland Bulgaria, part of Schwarz Gruppe, is been using our bird control solutions to protect the rooftop of their main warehouse, the biggest in Bulgaria and on of the biggest on the Balkans, for more than two years. Now, the company has expanded its facilities and Volacom delivered additional equipment to ensure full coverage of the zone in accordance with the high standards of our customer.

Volacom is happy to announce another important partnership agreement. Together with our partners from Protectis Air GmbH we will be able to deliver ultimate bird control solutions for airports, industrial applications, renewable energy facilities and more in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are constantly explore opportunities for cooperation, in order to deliver better solutions to our clients. If interested, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Volacom and DIGISEC S.A will deliver a bird control solution for one of the biggest wind parks under construction in Europe. The project will take several months, and our systems will ensure uninterrupted operation of 67 wind turbines in Natura 2000 area. Stay tuned for more information. 

Volacom is happy to announce another important partnership agreement. Our company will be partnering with DIGISEC S.A., in order to deliver ultimate bird control solutions for airports, ports, renewable energy facilities and more in Greece, but not only.

After more than six months of testing and internal evaluation, Minsk International Airport have expanded the protection zone of the BCAS system, acquiring additional units. Now, with the completion of this stage, the main runway of the airport, together with the terminal building are protected from birds.

The execution of the project took less than three months


The Ground mobile system BCAS 8.2. is designed for deterrence of birds from certain protected zones (industrial areas, ports, renewable energy plants, agricultural plantations, etc.) The Ground mobile system is also comprised of different optional modules – Volacopter LZ-73 PRO and BDL-1 Handheld laser devices.

The acoustic module provides the active protection – deterrence of birds and flocks from the protected areas.