Volacom received another recognition for its contribution to the aviation safety. The most successful companies in the aerospace industry took part of the big ceremony for this year`s Sky Stars awards. Among the guests were the Bulgarian Minister of Tourism, the Deputy Minister of Economy, major airlines, airports and aviation experts.

Volacom will be presenting its fully automatic detection, recognition and deterrence bird control solution to the World Birdstrike Association Conference 2016 in Amsterdam. This biannual event gathers together experts and stakeholders from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the field of bird and wildlife control. You can meet our experts at the auditorium of the Royal Navy (Marine Etablissement Amsterdam Kattenburg), in the city center of Amsterdam, from Monday 05 to Friday 09 December 2016. 

Volacom has signed an agreement for cooperation with the Bulgarian representative of Brüel & Kjær which is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of sound and vibration measuring equipment, systems and solutions. Together the team has been working on new and highly efficient acoustic devices and sound emitters. 

Volacom was a sponsor and exhibitor at the AAAE/IAAE event in Sofia, Bulgaria concerning the role of the airports in the European Union and the US transatlantic trade and investment initiatives. The conference was dedicated to variety of aviation challenges with a major focus on safety and security.

Volacom has successfully deployed the BCAS systems on another industrial application. As of today, one of the biggest food chains in Europe could ensure the cleanliness of their main warehouse. Now, the 70,000 m2 rooftop is protected and the first statistics indicate more than 80% decrease of the birds’ presence, after the ASR sound has been switched on. 

Our equipment has been used during a movie production process of a new Hollywood blockbuster.

Here is what the client has stated for their experience with us:

Volacom is happy to announce that on June 7th, the BCAS system has been commissioned at Kigali International Airport, Kigali, Rwanda. The whole project took around six months for completion and currently, Kigali Airport has the most advanced bird control equipment in the world.

Volacom provides to its clients dedicated training courses for operation and maintenance of the BCAS equipment. During these courses, Volacom's experts explicate also the most effective procedures and practices for effective bird control (recommended by ICAO, IBSC, FAA, etc.) and the way BCAS could be integrated into a comprehensive bird and wildlife management at the airport.

Recently, Volacom has signed a cooperation agreement with the Bulgarian Ornithological Center and Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Based on the scope of the contract, several joint research trails and field tests of the BCAS equipment would be conducted. This contract is a natural continuation of the fruitful cooperation activities between Volacom and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Since early December 2015, Volacom is producing a new version of the BCAS 7.2.  which, above all includes a new construction and updated software. Althought, the overall dimensions of the camera are the same, improvements have been made to camera housing, which provides higher reliability at certain weather conditions. In addition, new functions and have been added to the software, which enhances the operation of the whole system.