Volacopter LZ-73-PRO /Unmanned aerial vehicle – UAV/

The Volacopter LZ-73-PRO is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) UAV with multiple payload options. The main application for the Volacopter is bird and wildlife control for industrial facilities and agriculture plantations. The system is equipped with highly efficient ASR (Acoustic Startle Reflex) acoustic emitter designed to deter mammals and avian species from the protected zones, without habituation and harassment.

Volacopter can be remotely controlled by an operator or fly automatically using proprietary navigation software. Most of the time, the operator will set the flight plan, zone of control and mission duration and activates the automatic function. The system and the specialized software application are user friendly, which allows operation without the need for professional license.

The platform is made of ultra-light materials (carbon fiber, aluminum etc.) and achieves flight time of up to 60 minutes depending on the configuration and payload. Recommended payload up to 5kg.

Alternative Applications

  • Defense and security
  • Border and perimeter surveillance
  • Surveying and photogrammetry
  • Movie production
  • Agriculture

Technical specification

  • Maximum flight time : up to 60min
  • Payload : up to 5kg
  • Flight range : up to 15km
  • Cruising speed : 40 km/h
  • IP53
  • Operation temperature : -5°C up to +40°C
  • Humidity : up to 90 %

Additional payload options

  • ASR acoustic emitter
  • Gimbal – minimum two axes stabilization
  • Thermal camera
  • Daylight camera
  • Ground station
  • Docking station